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Panta Rhei assists you in the implementation of your sales and supply policies, as well as in the choice of the most suitable contractual schemes and the development of your distribution networks.

We draw up your cooperation agreements, such as those intended for the development of common products or joint promotional operations.

We also assist you in the resolution of disputes with your commercial partners or third parties

Here are a few examples of issues we can handle :

We advise you according to your objectives and the nature of your products and inform you on the implications of your choices with regard to competition law: selective distribution, franchising, exclusive concession, brand licensing, sales commission, commercial agency, etc… We draft your contracts and follow up negotiations with you or on your behalf.

We help you develop your pricing schemes in conformity with invoicing rules and competition law.

We advise you on how to adapt your distribution contracts to the development of your network and how to best manage the end of contracts with your historical partners by avoiding or reducing the risk of challenge on sudden termination or significant imbalance.

We advise you on the development of your e-shop, including the negotiations with online distributors or platforms.
We analyze how third parties market your products and help you to develop a strategy to protect your interests and comply with competition law.

We offer you solutions that are compatible with the prohibitions of unfair trade practices. We draft letters for your commercial partners and can help you seek advice from the control authorities or to respond to their requests.

We analyze the possible risks of the offer with regard to competition and consumer law, provide you with the appropriate contractual tools (MOU then final contract), and assist in the negotiation.

We analyze the specificities of the project, the market shares of the partners, the possible marketing methods and draft a contract taking into account these specifications and the constraints resulting from competition law.

Other typical issues we can handle

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